Old school surfing with sustainable scrap wood board

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Filipino surfing enthusiast creates eco-friendly surfboards using recycled wood in an effort to shift focus towards sustainability and craftsmanship. Ben Gruber reports.

Old school surfing with sustainable scrap wood board

STORY: For Jay-ar Domantay surfing is a way of life. It’s the reason he traded in a fast paced career in Manila to build old fashioned surfboards made from recycled wood.


“This wooden surfboard, this wooden surfboard is not for competition. It cannot outperform the newer surfboards. But it will help you to become more simple. Your approach to the world around you will be simpler. You will know that what is more important is the ride, the joy you get from it, rather than showing off.”

Fiberglass boards dominate the market, they are lighter and easier to manoeuvre. Domantay says his boards are designed to remind people that surfing isn’t just a sport, but a way to connect to the ocean.

Domantay says it takes months to carve and shape the perfect board from recycled wood. And, he says, it still surprises him that his customers have the patience to wait for his product.


“Who would have this kind of patience, just to own a surfboard, to wait for eight months? But then the story behind it – that I found these pieces of wood while visiting countless lumber yards, that I incorporate the stories of the people who told me how they found the wood — you sum it up and it becomes one piece.”

A piece of art as well as a well tuned instrument to ride waves with.

Currently these surfboards cost $850 USD each. Domantay hopes to sell enough of them to allow him to bring down the price and make his eco-friendly boards affordable for the Philippines’ growing surfing community.

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