Older brother of Syrian boy pictured in Aleppo dies

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The 10-year-old brother of a Syrian toddler whose image after an airstrike in Aleppo went viral has died of injuries sustained in the same bombing that bloodied his little brother. Ashraf Fahim reports

Older brother of Syrian boy pictured in Aleppo dies

The older brother of a boy — whose image after a Syrian airstrike shocked the world — has died.

On Saturday doctors released this photograph taken shortly before the death of 10-year-old Ali Daqneesh.

His younger brother, five-year-old Omran, was filmed and photographed being carried out of the rubble in Aleppo and placed in an ambulance.

Covered in dirt and blood, bewildered… but alive.

Ali was less fortunate.

Surgeon Abdelrasool says Ali sustained massive injuries as a result of being left under the rubble. He was in intensive care for three days, suffering from heavy bleeding in his kidney and liver.

Ali’s heart stopped three times, Abdelrasool says…. and they revived him three times before he succumbed.

The video and pictures of Omran went viral refocusing international attention on Syria’s five-year-old civil war

… and now also drawing attention to his brother’s tragic death.

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