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Major fire breaks out at Sewai factory

Major fire breaks out in Sewai factory at Patna city’s Mal Salami police station area. According to our sources rough material worth rupees several lakhs has been destroyed in this incident but on loss...


Fishing for salmon sustainability

A floating salmon farm off the coast of Norway. Just one example of a rapidly growing industry. Farming salmon may have only begun 40 years ago but demand for foods rich in protein has...


Ohuruogu says wait for evidence

= incorporates white flash = SHOWS: LONDON, UK (JUNE 8, 2015) (ITN -SEE RESTRICTIONS) 1. (SOUNDBITE) (English) WORLD 400M CHAMPION CHRISTINE OHURUOGU OF BRITAIN SAYING: “It’s undoubtedly casting Ohuruogu says wait for evidence =...