Panda cub struts his stuff, downward dogs in Asia

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‘Bei Bei’ the giant panda cub delights crowds at Washington, DC’s National Zoo as he is unveiled to the public, while yogis and their dogs go through the motions in Hong Kong. Jillian Kitchener reports.

Panda cub struts his stuff, downward dogs in Asia

It’s baby steps for this cub — while panda lovers near and far traveled to Washington, DC’s National Zoo to see him.

Nearly five-month old Bei Bei has certainly caused quite a stir.


“I cried because it was very emotional for me to see him go from being a little baby to where he is now because it’s a really hard process and breading pandas is really hard.”

Bei Bei was born on August 22 and up until now, was only seen by the general public via social media and the zoo’s Panda Cam.

But many guests say, it was well-worth the wait.

They say the name Bei Bei which means “precious treasure” is fitting.

Now look at this happy family!

A koala at an Australian Reptile Park has adopted two new cubs, despite already having one of her own.

Staff say the three youngins’ have bonded and are doing well.

Now’s how’s THIS for a downward dog.

Organizers say they’re confident these canines helped set a new world record for the largest dog yoga class in Hong Kong.

Participants say it’s a great bonding experience — emotionally and physically.


“I feel really, really good. It’s kind of a really close relationship with my dog.

They call it “doga”… and no stretchy pants are necessary.

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