Paramount Bed exhibits new healthcare products

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Tokyo (Japan), Dec 28 (ANI): “Paramount Bed” is a manufacturer specialized in making beds used for medical care and in nursing care environments. These beds are used not only in Japan but also around the world. The developed products create a comfortable health care environment since such kinds of functional and safe medical/nursing beds are always required on site. The bed’s mattresses also combine high functionality and durability. The level of product quality not only meets the IEC and other international standards; “Paramount Bed” also conducts product testing to survey our own in-house standards that are even stricter.Many People who are interested in medical care and nursing care are visiting “Paramount Bed” booth, visitors are eager to listen to the person in charge about how to use the new functions of the latest models. “Paramount Bed” has factories and offices in Indonesia, China, and Vietnam and are developing mainly in the medical and nursing care fields in Southeast Asia. Along with the medical and nursing care environments, the growing “Paramount Bed” will continue to provide comfortable products all over the world.

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