Parents of India rape victim demand reform

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The parents of a woman who died after she was gang raped in New Delhi demand law reform after one of the attackers was freed from jail. Paul Chapman reports.

Parents of India rape victim demand reform

Sunday’s release of one of the gang convicted of raping a woman in New Delhi who later died from her injuries has sparked a wave of protests.

The man was convicted as a juvenile and was freed after just three years, the maximum term in India for under-18s.

The mother of the victim, who was attacked in 2012, is urging the Indian parliament to pass a new reform bill quickly.


“This protest will continue until this bill is passed and all the convicts in the case are hanged. I don’t know how long this agitation will continue.”

The 2012 attack by the man, who was 17 at the time, and five adult companions, turned the spotlight on the treatment of women in India.

Four of the other attackers were sentenced to hang although the executions have not yet been carried out. The fifth killed himself in jail.

The bill now going through parliament seeks to allow offenders aged 16 and above to be sentenced as adults for crimes like rape and murder.

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