Paris attack: 1 killed, several injured as car rams into crowded pizzeria

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Sept-Sorts (France), Aug 15 (ANI): A young girl died and several others got severely injured when a car plowed into the terrace of a pizzeria in a small town East of Paris. Giving details of the incident, a French prosecutor said “I regret to say there are 14 victims, a young girl aged 12 has died. Five victims are in life threatening state, including a 3 year old boy who has been taken to hospital in critical condition.” A32 year-old man, thought to be “depressive” and “unstable”, was behind the wheel and drove deliberately into a pizzeria hurting several diners, according to the police. Police also said that they are quite sure that it was not an accident. It was a national holiday when the restaurant was busy and everyone on the terrace was hit.

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