People await evacuation even as fresh 6.7 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal

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Kathmandu, April 26 (ANI): People stranded in Nepal seem panicked as fresh tremors hit the valley today. The 6.7 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal with epicenter at Kodari, around 80 km east of Kathmandu. The Kathmandu airport was shut down as the air traffic controllers evacuated. People were seen lined up outside the Tribhuvam International Airport for their flights back to their nation. The tourists also recounted the experience they went through. Parts of Pashupatinath temple was also affected in the massive quake and nearby small temples were totally devastated. Mass cremation is also underway as death toll due to Saturday’s quake crossed over 2,000. Meanwhile, Sherpas from the Mount Everest also returned after they were evacuated during the relief operation. The families and relatives of those who died at the Everest camp were seen crying on the loss of their loved ones.

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