People demand holding of the age-old tradition of buffalo fight

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Nagaon (Assam), Jan 28 (ANI): The ban on Tamil Nadu’s traditional bullfight or Jallikattu by the Supreme Court resulted in mass protests at Chennai’s Marina beach, creating hype amongst all, and has brought to light many opinions and discussions. Widespread demonstrations and protests in support of the traditional bull-taming festival were seen in different parts of Tamil Nadu. In Ahatguri village of Nagaon district in Assam, the people have been continuing the century-old buffalo fights as part of the ‘Magh’ or ‘Bhogali’ Bihu celebrations. The organisers have clamoured for organizing the fight ever since the Tamil Nadu government brought an ordinance to legalise Jallikattu. People in Assam are now demanding that they be allowed to hold the centuries-old buffalo and bulbul fights, which are part of the state’s harvest festival known as ‘Magh’ or ‘Bhogali’ bihu. People of the village are of the view that if the Central Government cleared the decks for holding Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu, similar measures should be taken in the case of Assam so that Buffalo fights or ‘Moh Jooj’ (In Assamese) can also be continued without any fuss. More than 50 buffaloes were prepared for the fight in the village and thousands turned out to be a part of the age-old custom. The people of Assam have appealed to the Centre to allow it hold buffalo fights and urged Sonowal to discuss the issue with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. They appealed the Sonowal-led Government to look into the issue with utmost importance and take necessary steps to lift the ban, keeping in mind the century-old culture and tradition of Assam.

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