People in Varanasi have a good laugh at annual ‘Owl Festival’

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Varanasi, Nov 22 (ANI): Thousands of happy-go-lucky people flocked to the holy city of Varanasi to observe the annual ‘Ulook Mahotsava’ or Owl Festival, an event for cracking jokes on virtually anything. The festival, which has become part of the city folklore, helps people find ways to be happy, and laugh at themselves. A poets’ meet was organised as a part of the annual festival, where the residents danced, beat drums and burst crackers. Hindu devotees traditionally worship owls because of their association with the goddess of prosperity, Lakshmi. This year the poets took pot-shots at the political scenario in the country through satire. A poet, Dharamsheel Chaturvedi, said the programme aims to address the discrepancies across the world. Owl Festival is a great platform to attack the absurdity of the nation and the world. We believe whatever idiotism is going on is not good for the nation and the world. The residents believed an event like this is a great stress buster. It is a festival which creates an environment of fun and helps in relieving stress. Poets address different problems faced by people in this nation. The problems are addressed in such a way that people have fun and laugh on themselves. The festival is a continuation of the celebrations of the festival of lights

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