People of different religious beliefs celebrate Rakhi

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Allahabad, Aug 29 (ANI): A day for brothers and sisters, a day when brother vows to protect her sister, a day that knows no religious or physical boundaries. That’s the charm of Rakha Bandhan which was recently celebrated in India and other countries like Nepal and parts of Pakistan. Raksha Bandhan celebrates the love and duties shared between brothers and sisters. The uniqueness of the festival is that it is not attached to any particular religion and people belonging to different faiths celebrate this day with much fervor. Various examples of intermingling of different religions was seen throughout the country on this day. One such instance of brotherhood was seen in Uttar Pradesh’s Aligarh where Muslim girls tied Rakhi on the wrists of their Hindu brothers. In return, Hindu brothers vowed to protect them against any odds, thus, depicting a perfect example of communal harmony in the country. The organizers of the event were happy to see participation by large number of people who had attended the gathering to promote peace and brotherhood. The multicultural aspects of Raksha Bandhan can be witnessed in instances dating back thousands of years. In the epic Mahabharat, Draupadi tied a Rakhi to Lord Krishna. Even Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore invoked Raksha Bandhan and Rak

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