People spend night in open as rescue work continues in quake-hit Nepal

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Kathmandu, April 26 (ANI): Hundreds of residents, including women and children, in capital Kathmandu spent the Saturday night (April 25) in open as rescue operations intensified to look for survivors in earthquake-hit Nepal. Thousands of people braved freezing temperatures and patchy rain to sleep on pavements, in parks or in fields in the crowded Kathmandu valley, too afraid to return to homes damaged by the 7.9 magnitude quake. Hundreds of rescue workers digged through the rubbles to search for survivors. Thousands people spent the night outside, setting up makeshift tents, sitting around campfires and eating food provided by volunteers. Some of them sang, played guitar and chatted all night to keep their spirits high. Nepal urged countries to send aid to help it cope with the aftermath of the devastating quake that killed more than 1800.

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