Peruvians face off in traditional Christmas fighting festival

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Peruvians celebrate the annual Christmas festival of Takanakuy, and settle the year’s grievances with fist fights so they can start the new year with a clean slate. Rough Cut – subtitled (no reporter narration)

Peruvians face off in traditional Christmas fighting festival


Residents in the community of Chumbivilcas, in Cusco, Peru, battled it out on Friday in the local Takanakuy fighting festival, which is aimed at settling old scores so as to start the new year afresh.

The event is celebrated each year at Christmastime with a series of fist fights that community members say resolves conflicts and improves relationships.

All community members, including children, can take part, and those who prefer to just observe can watch fists fly from spectator stands set up beside the makeshift fighting rings.

Judges and referees are on hand to declare the winners in fights over issues ranging from affairs of the heart to financial and legal disputes.

Afterwards, the participants hug and forget their differences. The festival ends with music and dancing.

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