Philly police investigating deadly shooting spree

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Police are investigating a late night shooting rampage on the streets of Philadelphia by a suspect who police say left a note describing his hatred for law enforcement. Roselle Chen reports.

Philly police investigating deadly shooting spree

The shooting spree started when a man shot and wounded two police officers before shooting four nearby civilians.

It ended when the suspect was cornered and shot dead by responding officers.

One female victim later died of her injuries.

Sgt. Sylvia Young, a 19-year veteran of the police department, was ambushed and shot at least eight times. A University of Pennsylvania police officer was also wounded.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney:


“We have to keep them in our prayers, the civilians that are seriously hurt and still in various degrees of being treated. All in all it was a really terrible, scary night, but our officers turned out okay.”

Both injured officers are in stable condition.

Police say the suspect left a note describing his hatred for police.

His identity was not immediately released as the investigation is underway.

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