Pitru Paksha Mela begins: Devotees pay homage to their ancestors

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Gaya, Sep 16 (ANI): People thronged to Bihar’s Gaya to mark the beginning of Pitru Paksha Mela Maha Sangam today. The 16-day long Hindu ritual is observed to pay homage to ancestors’ souls and pray for the well-being of ancestors. It is believed that those who perform the ritual believe that this rite will deliver salvation to departed souls. During this festival, the ritual of ‘Pind-daan’ is performed’, which is a must to do obligation for all Hindus or followers of Hindu religion. Those who perform the ritual fast on this day, offer food to the priest and believe that this rite will deliver salvation to the souls of their ancestors. The food normally includes, Kheer, lapsi, rice, dal, guar and pumpkin.

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