Politics is the hot topic at premiere of “Trumbo”

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The life of blacklisted Hollywood writer Dalton Trumbo was celebrated on Tuesday in LA where the film’s stars Bryan Cranston and Helen Mirren took to the red carpet to talk politics and equal pay. Joel Flynn reports.

Politics is the hot topic at premiere of “Trumbo”

How times change.

In 1947 Dalton Trumbo was blacklisted from Hollywood – outcast because of his believed association with the Communist Party.

Nearly 70 years on, and some of acting’s biggest stars are premiering a film about his life, celebrating his independence and his defiance.

“Breaking Bad”‘s Bryan Cranston plays the titular character – someone he said Hollywood was lucky to be still be able to remember.

SOUNDBITE: Actor, Bryan Cranston, saying (English):

“We were very fortunate his daughters are alive and well, his daughter-in-law is alive and well and so their help was instrumental on this and I told them ‘Look, I’m not going to try to do an impersonation of your father. I just want to try and get the essence of your father and at the end of it, you go ‘yeah, I think you got him’, then I’ve won.’.”

Some are calling “Trumbo” a cautionary tale.

While the fear that drove Hollywood studios to blacklist suspected communists might have passed, director Jay Roach said there were lessons still to be learned.

SOUNDBITE: Director Jay Roach, saying (English):

“We’ve just had an incredible committee investigation which spent millions of dollars and thousands of hours on interrogation and ended up proving not much and that was a very similar thing to what happened back then. Those were the kind of tools that you use when you want to use propaganda to whip up hysteria is fear and fear is easy to exploit.”

Screenwriter John McNamara said “Trumbo” was that rarest of things – a true story with a happy ending.

If its reception here in Hollywood is anything to go by, that could soon get even better.

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