Polls open in Egypt’s parliamentary elections

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Polls are open in a second phase of Egypt’s parliamentary elections, in which voters are hoping for improvement. Nathan Frandino reports.

Polls open in Egypt’s parliamentary elections

For the eighth time since Egypt’s 2011 uprising, Egyptians are lining up to cast their votes.

This time, they’re walking into the polls for the second phase of parliamentary elections.

Here in Suez, one voter says he’s hopeful.


“This is my first time to participate in an election. Secondly, I want to see whether or not Suez will improve after the election. And hopefully, things will become better, and God willing, the 4 candidates running this year will do something for Suez, because we have unemployment, health issues and other problems.”

The vote is meant to restore parliament after a more than three-year hiatus… but critics say the vote has been undermined by widespread repression.

In Cairo, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi cast his vote soon after voting opened.

His supporters won a landslide in the first phase in October and are expected to win again in this vote.

Sisi has hailed the elections as a milestone on the army’s roadmap to democracy, though voter turnout has been low.

Many who abstained say they felt the polls offered little genuine choice.

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