Pope calls for peace in Central African Republic

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Heavy security accompanies Pope Francis as he preaches reconciliation in the divided Central African Republic, which Human Rights Watch says has seen a surge in deadly clashes since late September. Jillian Kitchener reports.

Pope calls for peace in Central African Republic

Pope Francis is spreading the message of peace in Central African Republic, a nation racked by bloodshed between Muslims and Christians.

Young and old lined the streets of Bangui as the Pope made his way to a camp for internally displaced persons… preaching unity among them:


“Because we are all brothers, I would like it very much, if we all said together ‘We are all brothers.'”

Many people here say they feel a sense of relief with the Pope’s visit — a show of determination on his part.

France had warned the Vatican earlier this month that the visit could be risky.

But with the heaviest security ever seen on his trips, the Pope brought his message to the Presidential Palace:


“First unity. This, we know, is a cardinal value for the harmony of peoples.”

Human rights workers say the capital of Bangui has seen a surge in clashes that have left at least 100 people dead since late September.

And many residents say they hope this papal visit will somehow bring about change.

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