Pope comforts relatives of Nice victims

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Pope Francis met with relatives of the Nice attack victims at the Vatican on Saturday and urged them not to resort to hate. Nathan Frandino reports.

Pope comforts relatives of Nice victims

During a solemn ceremony at the Vatican, relatives of the Nice attack victims listened with heavy hearts to a message of compassion and prayer from Pope Francis.


“I wish to share your pain, a pain that becomes even stronger when I think of the children, even entire families, whose lives have been suddenly and so dramatically torn apart.”

The attack on Bastille Day killed more than 80 people.

Islamic State militants claimed responsibility.

Francis prayed to God for mercy for the victims and their relatives and asked them not to respond with hatred and violence.


“You can respond to being attacked by the demon only with the works of God that are forgiveness, love and respect for your neighbor, even if they are different.”

Afterwards, Francis met with the relatives, offering comfort in their time of mourning.

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