Pope Francis prays for end to violence in Mexico

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Pope Francis calls for an end to violence in Mexico, during a Jubilee Mass in St. Peter’s Square. Nathan Frandino reports.

Pope Francis prays for end to violence in Mexico

On a bright day at the Vatican, the subject of Pope Francis’s Sunday Jubilee Mass was anything but.

Instead, his weekly mass focused on violence in Mexico.

Specifically, the deaths of priests Alejo Jimenez and Jose Juarez.


“I also assure you of my prayers for the beloved Mexican people and for an end to the violence that in recent days has also killed some priests.”

The two priests were laid to rest this past week.

Officials say the bodies of Jimenez and Juarez were found dead on a highway in Veracruz.

The two had been abducted from their church in Poza Rica last Sunday, along with a third man later found alive.

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