Pope urges help for stranded Cuban migrants

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Pope Francis calls on Central American countries to help thousands of Cuban migrants who have been stranded on the Costa Rica-Nicaragua border in what the pontiff calls a “humanitarian drama”. Mana Rabiee reports.

Pope urges help for stranded Cuban migrants

As a migration crisis continues in Europe, Pope Francis wants the world to also keep in mind another migrant issue halfway across the world.

In his Sunday blessing over St. Peter’s Square, Francis urged Central American countries to help CUBAN migrants headed to the United States … who became stranded in a kind of immigration limbo on Nicaragua’s borders.


“My thoughts go at this moment to the many Cuban migrants who find themselves in difficulty in Central America, many of whom are victims of human trafficking. I ask the countries of the region to generously resume efforts to find a quick solution to this humanitarian drama.”

Nicaragua has refused to issue transit visas to some 5,000 Cubans who are trying to reach the U.S. through its borders.

It’s part of a REGIONAL gridlock on what to do with a growing number of Cuban nationals seeking passage north following — the d├ętente between Washington and Havana.

The plight of migrants will likely be a top priority in Francis’ trip in February to Mexico.

That’s where he’ll say Mass at Ciudad Juarez… just meters from the Texas border.

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