Pregnant women told to avoid Miami Beach

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U.S. federal health officials are warning pregnant women not to travel to Miami Beach after Florida confirms the Zika virus is active there. Linda So reports.

Pregnant women told to avoid Miami Beach

Pregnant women should avoid Miami Beach.

That from federal health officials after new cases of Zika transmission have been confirmed in the popular tourist town.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has also suggested pregnant women worried about exposure to Zika should consider avoiding all of Miami-Dade County.

The new warnings present a challenge to Florida’s multibillion dollar tourism industry.

Florida Governor Rick Scott has recently come under fire for waiting too long to tell the public about five new Zika cases in Miami Beach.


“I want to make sure everybody in our state and everybody who’s going to come here, you know exactly what is going on it’s very important.”

The new Zika cases come as Miami-Dade continues to battle the mosquito-borne virus in the Wynwoods arts district of Miami.

That was the site of the first locally transmitted cases of Zika in the U.S.

Zika has been shown to cause a severe birth defect known as microcephaly.

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