Prison for sale

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For less than 250,000 euro, you can buy a Polish prison in the town of Leczyca. Gavino Garay reports.

Prison for sale

For less than 250 000 euro, you could be your own warden.

This small town in central Poland is putting its centuries-old prison on the market.

Though lacking in amenities, it’s rich with local history.

The complex was originally a monastery during the Spanish Inquisition, that was later turned into a prison in the eighteenth century.

It’s a place with a cruel history, says Leczyca regional museum director Andrzej Borucki.


“In this prison there were notorious criminals with very long and hard sentences, political prisoners and people who were sent here during World War II and [later] exterminated, the Jewish people. This prison illustrates in a dramatic 200 years of Polish history.”

The property comes with all the items that were left behind by those who stayed here before the prison closed down in 2006.

Before it was put on the market, the abandoned prison served as a venue for art and film projects, but locals found it too expensive to maintain.

Though the cells may be tight, local officials suggest some renovations might just make prison a place to call home.

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