Pro-Putin party dominates Russia parliamentary vote

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Russian President Vladimir Putin visits the ruling United Russia party headquarters after exit polls show it won parliamentary elections. Angela Moore reports.

Pro-Putin party dominates Russia parliamentary vote

Russian President Vladimir Putin can claim another election victory.

The Pro-Putin United Russia party won just over 44 percent in a parliamentary election, according to an exit poll.

Putin was greeted with applause at the party’s headquarters, where he stood with United Russia party leader Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, a Putin loyalist.

(nats Putin speaking)

‘It’s hard’, Putin said about the race, ‘but people still vote for United Russia’.

Sunday’s win was slightly down from the last election in 2011 when the party received 49 percent of the vote – but still enough to preserve the dominance of Putin allies in parliament.

Liberal opposition parties, the only grouping openly critical of Putin, failed to get over the five percent threshold needed for party representation.

The election is seen by many as a dry run for Putin’s expected presidential campaign in 2018.

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