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Pro-Putin party seen winning greater sway in Russia's parliament | Webmarked News

Pro-Putin party seen winning greater sway in Russia’s parliament

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The ruling United Russia party is expected to win even greater dominance over Russia’s lower house in a parliamentary election, showing support for President Vladimir Putin is holding up despite sanctions and a deep economic slowdown. Angela Moore reports.

Pro-Putin party seen winning greater sway in Russia’s parliament

Russian President Vladmiir Putin voted in parliamentary elections, in a ballot that’s expected to give the ruling United Russia party even greater dominance over the Duma, or lower house.

The vote is a test of just how well the Kremlin can oversee trouble-free elections, and the first parliamentary vote since 2011.

That’s when allegations of ballot-rigging sparked large protests against Putin in the capital, Moscow.

This time, some 400 observers from the Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe monitored the voting.

But the liberal opposition complain their campaigns were systematically disrupted by pro-Kremlin provocateurs, a charge pro-Kremlin politicians deny.

Polls show United Russia’s popularity is dented somewhat by a grinding economic crisis.

But Putin’s own popularity remains high and many see this election as a dry run for his expected presidential campaign in 2018.

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