Protesters decry Rousseff impeachment trial

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Protesters ignite fires on the streets of Sao Paulo in support of Brazil’s suspended President Dilma Rousseff as she faces an impeachment trial. Vanessa Johnston reports.

Protesters decry Rousseff impeachment trial

Amid flames and signs calling for the ouster of Brazil’s interim president Michel Temer…

Protesters on the streets of Sao Paulo take a stand against the impeachment trial of suspended President Dilma Rousseff.

Appearing before the Senate Monday, Rousseff made a last-ditch effort to defend herself against charges she broke budgetary laws…

…declaring her innocence and accusing conservative opponents of plotting to protect elite interests.

But despite cries from her supporters…

Rousseff is expected to become the first Brazilian leader in more than 20 years to be dismissed from office….

…When the Senate makes its ruling by Wednesday.

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