Punjab celebrates birth anniversary of Guru Ram Das

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Amritsar (Punjab), Oct 12 (ANI): Thousands of Sikhs congregated in holy city of Amritsar of Punjab state to mark the birth anniversary of Sikh spiritual leader, Guru Ram Das who is lovingly known as God of miracles. The Golden Temple was drenched in lights and was decorated beautifully on the occasion. The people came from different parts of the country to witness the celebrations and fireworks. In view of the high air pollution levels, fewer fireworks were displayed this year and the celebrations were Eco-friendly. Instead of firecrackers, the devotees lit candles and earthen lamps across the temple. Born in 1534 in Lahore, Guru Ram Das is recognized historically for having written the Laavan, the four “rounds” in the Sikh wedding ceremony and the four Engagement Shabads. He founded the city of Amritsar and laid plans for the Harimandir Sahib- the Golden Temple which is recognized around the world as the most sacred temple for Sikhs. The festival even got people ready for Diwali – the festival of lights which is just days away.

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