Putin ‘fully mobilized’ to face Turkey: Kremlin

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Russian President Vladimir Putin is “fully mobilized”, following the shooting down of one of his country’s warplanes by Turkey, says the Kremlin spokesman. Rough Cut (No reporter narration)

Putin ‘fully mobilized’ to face Turkey: Kremlin


President Vladimir Putin is fully mobilized to tackle what the Kremlin regards as an unprecedented threat from Turkey following the shooting down of one of its warplanes by a Turkish

F-16, the Russian leader’s spokesman said on Saturday (November 28).

In comments which underscore how angry the Kremlin still is over the incident, Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s spokesman, called the behavior of the Turkish air force “absolute madness.”

“It seems to be an absolute madness what the Turkish military jet has done,” he told Russia’s ‘News on Saturday’ TV program. “When there was no intrusion, nobody has the right to traitorously shoot down a Russian plane from behind,” he added.

Putin signed a decree imposing a raft of punitive economic sanctions against Turkey on Saturday, underlining the depth of the Kremlin’s anger towards Ankara four days after Turkey shot down a Russian warplane.

The decree, which entered into force immediately, said charter flights from Russia to Turkey would be banned, that tour firms would be told not to sell any holidays there, that unspecified Turkish imports would be outlawed, and Turkish firms and nationals would have their economic activities halted or curbed.

A senior Turkish official told Reuters the sanctions would only worsen the standoff between Moscow and Ankara.

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