Quake-hit Pakistanis say desperate for aid

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Villagers in northern Pakistan say they are still waiting for help, as they clear debris from hundreds of homes destroyed by Monday’s earthquake. Diane Hodges reports.

Quake-hit Pakistanis say desperate for aid

The scale of Monday’s 7.5 magnitude earthquake is still being revealed throughout the impact zone in Afghanistan and northern Pakistan.

Landslides like this in the Hunza valley, devastated entire communities.

More than 260 people were killed in the quake, and about 11-thousand homes in Pakistan damaged.

Villagers in many areas are spending their nights outside in near-freezing temperatures.

This man in the village of Shangla complains that the government has provided no food, medical care or shelter.


“We have not received any aid so far. We are sitting in the open as we have no shelter left for us. At the moment the weather is clear. If, God forbid, it rains, our condition will become very bad. “

But the villagers are receiving help from other sources.

A team from Pakistan’s telecom company is providing medical care, and free meals are available at a local religious shrine.

But the aid is far short of what is needed as winter sets in across the rugged Hindu Kush mountains where the quake struck.

And many worry that freezing temperatures may kill those that the tremblor spared, if more help doesn’t arrive soon.

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