Quake survivors describe their escapes

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Emotional residents of Amatrice, Italy recount their desperate escapes after a devastating earthquake struck the area. Rough cut (no reporter narration).

Quake survivors describe their escapes

ROUGH CUT (no reporter narration)

STORY: Residents in Amatrice who survived a devastating earthquake that rocked central Italy recounted the horrific sequence of events on Monday (August 29) that changed their world forever.

Pensioner Giovacchino Murri, was at his home in the village of Sant’Angelo with his son and granddaughters, aged five and four, when the magnitude 6.2 quake struck on Aug. 24 and collapsed his building.

He immediately searched for his granddaughters but could find only one, he said.

“I managed to open one of the rooms and my son came who was sleeping in another area and I told him to search for the other one. We couldn’t find her, couldn’t find her, but then we saw a little leg, we took hold of it and we managed to get out down the stairs,” he said.

Gianfranco Di Cosimo has lost everything. His mother died during the quake and his house was destroyed. But despite his loss, he dug with his bare hands looking for survivors, injuring his hands.

“I just saw the whole village collapse. There was a cloud of dust, it was a horrendous thing,” he said.

73-year-old Roberto de Cesaris doesn’t know if his house in Amatrice is still standing. He managed to escape after the quake with his wife and come to Sant’Angelo where his daughter lives. They are now all staying in the tent camp. He, along with others, is helping local residents clear a small nearby square in order to turn it into a parking area for emergency services and local residents staying in the camp.

Local residents have been taking vegetables and herbs from their gardens to the camp to cook food for everyone. But access to water is limited and the lands are drying up.

“We are all saved in the family, this is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately this is a beautiful thing but we have friends who are not here, many,” Cesaris said, sobbing.

The official death toll currently stands at 290 with most of the dead coming from around the Amatrice area.

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