Race to end Crimea’s power crisis

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Ukrainian authorities start repairs on electricity pylons which were reportedly blown up, knocking out power to Russian-annexed Crimea. Paul Chapman reports.

Race to end Crimea’s power crisis

Repairs to electricity pylons apparently blown up in Crimea were underway with some 1.6 million people still without power on Monday.

Russia, which seized the peninsula last year, is describing the destruction as an act of terrorism although it wasn’t immediately clear who was responsible.

State-owned power company Ukrenergo says the repairs should be completed within four days.

The Russian energy minister says emergency supplies have been switched on for critical services.

A state of emergency’s been declared.

The power lines were reportedly cut in two attacks starting on Friday.

A group called the Civil Blockade of Crimea initially stopped Ukraine energy workers carrying out repairs.

But the group, in which Crimean Tatar activists are prominent, denies carrying out the attacks on the pylons.

Ukrainian police are investigating.

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