Rachel Weisz brings courtroom drama ‘Denial’ to TIFF

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Actress Rachel Weisz unveiled her latest film, ‘Denial’, at the Toronto International Film Festival, which follows the infamous court case between historians Deborah E. Lipstadt and David Irving about proving the existence of the Holocaust. Francis Maguire reports.

Rachel Weisz brings courtroom drama ‘Denial’ to TIFF

A new film about a prominent Holocaust denier going against a historian in the British courts has premiered at the Toronto film festival.

‘Denial’ stars Rachel Weisz as Deborah E. Lipstadt, a writer who was sued for libel by David Irving

During the case Lipstadt was called on to prove the Holocaust actually happened.

Weisz’s own relatives were forced to flee Europe during the Nazi genocide against the continent’s Jewish populations

(Soundbite) Actress, Rachel Weisz, saying (English):

“Even if my parents hadn’t been refugees from the Holocaust, I would have thought it was an incredibly important story,” she said at the premiere. “I didn’t feel like it was a duty, I felt it was a very important story for the fight for truth and the fact there’s a difference between fact and opinion and yeah, but there was no duty.”

The film’s director Mick Jackson says the film is timely….

With what he sees as extreme voices gaining influence across the world.

(Soundbite) Director, Mick Jackson, saying (English):

“If you want to draw conclusions and parallels with what is happening in our story tonight and what’s happening in the US, in France, in Britain, all of those places where right wing extremists are taking command of the narrative just lying like one of the characters in this movie does, it’s important. You see this movie and be changed, I hope.”

‘Denial’ is expected to hit North American cinemas on September 30th.

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