Refugees arrive in Sicily

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Refugees rescued at sea arrive in Sicily as the number of migrants arriving increases in recent days. Julie Noce reports.

Refugees arrive in Sicily

Hundreds of people arrive in Sicily after being rescued at sea.

Some 3,000 people were saved on Tuesday, the Italian coastguard said. Together with Monday’s rescues, that brings the number to around 10,000 people in just two days.

The sharp increase of refugees arriving in Italy is in part because of favorable weather conditions.

This year about 105,000 people have reached Italy by boat… nearly 3,000 people have died.

Many migrants crossing the Mediterranean to Italy leave from Libya.

This group wasn’t so lucky.

Libyan security forces captured about 170 people in a desert south of Misrata late on Tuesday.

All of these people came from Africa’s far western and eastern coasts and are fleeing poverty and violence.

Human traffickers have taken advantage of the chaos created by Libya’s uprising in 2011 which allowed both smuggling routes and militant groups to flourish.

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