Reunion among the ruins

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A couple who survived the quake in Italy are reunited with each other and their dog just outside the ruined town of Amatrice. Bob Mezan reports.

Reunion among the ruins

A happy moment in the aftermath of a horrible tragedy: a man, his wife, and dog were reunited Sunday for the first time since the night of the devastating Italian earthquake that has left at least 290 people dead.

Ascenzio Attenni had persuaded his wife to take their daughter and stay with friends in Rome, but they were reunited closer to home. While elated with the reunion, he was still coping with the loss of his home and possessions.

SOUNDBITE: Ascenzio Attenni saying (Italian):

“It’s really horrible, because it took me 20 years to get my house. And then in just 10 seconds it was gone, like so many others. Horrible, it’s really awful, but thank god at least we’re alive.”

Five days after the quake struck central Italy, rescuers believe they have located more bodies on Sunday. Residents of the hill town of Amatrice said up to 10 people were still missing.

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