Rise in demand for traditional dried vegetables in Kashmir

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Srinagar, Dec 28 (ANI): The demand for dried vegetables has increased in Jammu and Kashmir as the minimum temperature across the Valley was recorded below freezing point. Residents of Srinagar city as well as tourists in the city thronged to the local vegetable market to purchase dried vegetables. Different dried vegetables like beetroot, spinach, dates, pumpkin, tomatoes, brinjals, turnips, bottle guards among others were on sale. Adil Ahmad, a customer, said the demand for dried vegetables is always high because of the regular snowfall in the state. The dealers in the city confirmed that due to the dip in temperatures and snowfall, the Jammu-Srinagar National Highway gets closed, making it difficult to yield fresh vegetables. Also, it becomes almost difficult for the customers to travel in order to purchase fresh vegetables. Hence, they opt for dried ones for ease as well as health benefits.

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