Robots may soon replace human beings at the workplace

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Tokyo, Dec 30 (ANI): Robots may soon be serving you meals, or may even assist at your workplace, if the latest robotic applications and technologies showcased by the Japan-based Kawasaki Heavy Industries are anything to go by. The robotic applications and technologies were showcased under the theme of cooperation between humans and robots, and their coexistence, at the 21st International Robot Exhibition 2015 in Tokyo. The Nachi-Fujikoshi Corporation also showcased the compact and super fast robot. It’s small, simple structure, high speed and high accuracy robot which is optimal for material handling and other application in electronics and food packaging. The lightweight and compact robot arm helps to keep the equipment simple and save space. “Nachi robot has used the latest mechatronics techniques, supplying robots suited for industries utilizing welding and the material handling techniques.

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