Rodriguez and Weaver defend “offensive” film

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Actress Michelle Rodriguez slams members of the transgender community who have condemned her latest film ‘Re (Assignment)’ for transphobia as it premieres at the Toronto International Film Festival. John Russell reports.

Rodriguez and Weaver defend “offensive” film

It seemed like another star-studded premiere of another Oscar hopeful at the Toronto International Film Festival as Sigourney Weaver and Michelle Rodriguez turned out to support Walter Hill’s ‘(Re) Assignment’ on Wednesday (September 14).

However, the film, a B-movie about a male assassin forced to undergo a sex change, appears to be anything but an awards contender after being labeled “offensive”, panned by critics and attacked by members of the transgender community.

Rodriguez though defended the film.

SOUNDBITE Michelle Rodriguez saying (English):

“Why? Are they mad that somebody decided to take their branded transgender operation and use it on heterosexual people? That’s the thing – what is transgender? Is it a psychological thing or is it an operation and does the LGBT community own the operation? If they do, would they want to fire the person that uses it to revenge somebody? Do they have a branding right over a sex change? At the end of the day it’s a philosophical question, it has nothing to do with this movie.”

Rodriguez also added that she is sensitive to the issues.

SOUNDBITE Michelle Rodriguez saying (English):

“I’m an LGBT community friend, I’m bisexual, I do guys, I do girls, you can’t really argue with me because I’m you so if I do a movie, I’d never do a movie with the intention of offending anybody in the LGBT community because I’m a part of it so they can’t say shit to me.”

Director Walter Hill, who is best known for the1980s classics films like ’48 Hours’ and ‘The Warriors’ is unsure why the film has generated such a strong reaction.

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