Russia and rebels cast doubt over Syria ceasefire

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Russia and Syrian rebels cast doubt over the prospects for an increasingly shaky ceasefire, as Moscow says the situation on the ground is worsening and a senior insurgent warns the truce will not hold. Ashraf Fahim reports.

Russia and rebels cast doubt over Syria ceasefire

Russia and Syrian rebels are casting doubts over the prospects of a shaky five-day-old ceasefire.

…as fighting continues in several parts of the country.

On Saturday, U.S.-led coalition jets bombed a Syrian army position, according to Russia and a monitoring group, in what may have been an unintentional strike meant for Islamic State fighters.

Between 60 to 80 Syrian soldiers were reported killed and scores more wounded.

Meanwhile, Russia, which backs the Syrian government with its air power, says rebels have breached the ceasefire nearly 200 times already.

Moscow says the U.S. is not fulfilling its obligation to restrain its rebel allies during the ceasefire and that the U.S. would be responsible if the truce breaks down.

A stalemate also continues on Castello Road in the strategically important town of Aleppo.

Both sides have accused the other of hindering much-needed aid deliveries meant for the besieged city, where some two million people on both sides of the front line are facing worsening conditions.

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