Russia cracks down on Turkish imports

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Russia increases checks on food and agriculture imports from Turkey, after Turkish forces recently downed a Russian jet near the Syrian border. Jillian Kitchener reports.

Russia cracks down on Turkish imports

Russia is putting Turkey’s imports under the microscope — literally.

In its first public move to curb trade, Moscow has increased checks on food and agriculture from Turkey.

Some say this stems from a dispute with Ankara for downing a Russian fighter jet.

But officials say they increased controls after discovering around 15 percent of agriculture imports from Turkey did not meet regulations.

Vitaly Kulakov from the Centre For Plant Quarantine explains this year’s data:


“…more than 1.5 million flowers infected by quarantine organisms were found in shipments from Turkey, as well as 2,000 tons of food was also infected by quarantine organisms across all the laboratories.”

He says Russia is simply protecting itself.

But Moscow has been known to use such regulations in diplomatic spats, imposing bans on imports of certain products, citing health reasons.

Russian officials have expressed fury over Turkey shooting down their plane just days ago… but officials deny these checks are politically driven.

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