Saharasri Subrata Roy Sahara speaks passionately on vital social and political topics

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Speaking at Sahara News Network’s THINK WITH ME Summit in Lucknow, Saharashri Shree Subrata Roy Sahara emphasised on the need of electoral reforms, he said to tackle unethical practices in electoral process, election reform is the need of the nation. Expressing his views on education he said our educational institutions are just producing literate people whereas we need to get educated in true sense. Saharashri said we get real education at our home. At most an educated person can get a very good job; but to become a responsible citizen we need to imbibe the true values through education. Expressing his concern on population explosion Saharashri said government should make laws to tackle population explosion. Those who adhere to the goodness of an ideal family should be duly awarded and should get recognition from the government so that others too feel encouraged and toe the line of development. Media, said Saharasri, should also play a constructive role instead of just playing a critical role. This will widen the mental caliber of the people which seems to be getting narrower day by day due to the acute critical role that media is playing in the present times.

He said that though we speak elaborately on sensitive topics like Religion and Unity in Diversity, we need to imbibe

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