Salman can never win “no sex for a month” challenge, feels Arbaaz

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New Delhi, Dec 12 (ANI): So here we finally get a perfect answer for Salman Khan’s ‘I am a Virgin’ statement, which grabbed all the spotlights in the fourth season of ‘Koffee With Karan.’ And it comes from none other than his brother himself- Arbaaz Khan, when Salman and his brothers graced the Koffee couch for the 100th episode. In the much awaited rapid fire segment, when Arbaaz was asked who can never win ‘No sex for a month’ challenge, the ‘Dabangg’ producer could not help but look at his Bhaijaan, while laughing aloud. Now this was ironic, especially after the 50-year-old actor’s controversial statement last time!

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