Sarandon helps refugees in Greece

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Susan Sarandon recently passed out food and clothing to refugees flooding the shore of the Greek island Lesbos. Jeanne Yurman reports.

Sarandon helps refugees in Greece

As waves of refugees continue to arrive in Greece, actress Susan Sarandon pitched in to help.

The 69 year-old American film star joined aid workers on the coast of the Aegean island Lesbos handing out food and dry clothing to starved men, women and children.

The U.N. estimates that more than 800,000 migrants have come to Greece, with the island bearing the brunt or more than half that influx.

Speaking through her Twitter account Sarandon said, “I gave them dry socks, blankets, soup and a tent.”

She lamented that, “I could not give them hope.” But said her goal was to make it possible for the refugees to have a voice so, “…we can understand.”

The total number of refugees arriving by land and sea in the European Union passed the one million mark this week.

Half are from Syria fleeing the war, a fifth are Afghans and roughly seven percent are from Iraq.

The U.N. expects a similar number of migrants to flood Europe in the coming year.

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