Security tight as Haitians vote in landmark elections

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Haitians head to the polls in landmark elections for president, parliament and mayors that officials hope will cement democracy in the hemisphere’s poorest country. Pavithra George reports.

Security tight as Haitians vote in landmark elections

Voting centers in Port-au-Prince are open and packed with Haitian voters, looking to get an early start at the polls.

With 54 presidential candidates, Haiti’s five-million-plus voters have tons of options to choose who gets to become the next president of the western hemisphere’s poorest country.

But the race is expected to boil down to two candidates – Jovenel Moise, a business owner, and Jude Celestin, an engineer and the former chief at a government construction agency.

The vote, to succeed President Michel Martelly next February, comes amid security concerns as well as a shrinking United Nations peacekeeping force -fuelling fears that the violence that disrupted the leglislative elections in August could break out once again.

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