Security tight during busy holiday travel season

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Passengers in the U.S. are taking heightened security measures in stride during the busy holiday travel season. Nathan Frandino reports.

Security tight during busy holiday travel season

With the holiday season here, travelers are heading off in planes, trains and automobiles.

But they’ll be doing so in the wake of high profile attacks in Egypt and France that have put law enforcement on alert.

Here at Reagan National Airport outside Washington, travelers say they’re confident that proper security measures are being taken by the Transportation Safety Administration, or TSA.


“I think everything’s really going on in the background to protect, and whatever they’re doing with TSA and probably people in the airport, we don’t know that they’re here to protect us, so that makes it a little bit easier. Overall, I think just like any other Christmas really. Hopefully.”

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security says there are no specific and credible threats at this time, but warns about possible “self-radicalized” actors that could strike at any moment.

One traveler says she sees little point in worrying.


“I knew I wanted to be with family so, regardless I mean it’s better to be with family than to be alone worrying about what’s going to happen.”

Travel experts say the heightened security checks could mean extra delays … as Americans hurry to start their holiday.

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