Security tighter as Iraqis mark Eid

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Security at Baghdad mosques was tighter than usual as Iraqi’s mark the “Feast of the Sacrifice,” a crucial Muslim holiday that many had hoped to commemorate in peace rather than under conflict and violence. Mana Rabiee reports.

Security tighter as Iraqis mark Eid

Like Muslims the world over, Iraqi’s are celebrating Eid al-Adha, or “Feast of the Sacrifice”.

It’s one of the two most important Muslim holidays and commemorates God’s gift of a ram to Abraham so he wouldn’t have to sacrifice his son.

Iraqis have become used to sacrifice, as their country battles Islamic State.

At Baghdad’s Abdul-Qadir al-Gilani mosque, security was tight… the mosque’s Imam disappointed Eid hasn’t brought peace.


“We were hoping the explosions, kidnapping and killing would come to an end before the advent of Eid. But the violent acts are still (happening) in our country.”

Eid is being celebrated as the annual Haj pilgrimage to Mecca ends.

But it also comes as Iraq readies to stage its biggest fight yet against IS in their de facto capital Mosul later in the year.

Meaning more conflict is likely ahead before Iraqis can finally mark a holiday in peace.

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