Session court extends jail term of Islamic State suspect

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Jaipur, Dec 22 (ANI): The Session Court has extended jail term of an Islamic State (IS) suspect, Mohammad Sirajuddin, for ten days till December 31 for further investigation. Sirajuddin, an employee of state-run Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) was arrested in Jaipur for his alleged role in propagating the IS ideology. Public prosecutor, C. S. Chauhan, said police have accessed some key information during investigation and it needed further probe. The allegations are that Sirajuddin worked for the Islamic State (IS), publicised its ideology through social media and instigated youth to join the IS. The court, however, rejected defence lawyer Paker Farooq’s arguments. Islamist militants of various hues already hold sway across restive and impoverished areas of South Asia, but Islamic State, with its rapid capture of territory, beheadings and mass executions, is starting to draw a measure of support among younger fighters in the region.

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