Shark on shark violence in Seoul aquarium

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A female shark eats a male shark after a turf war in an aquarium in Seoul. Julie Noce reports.

Shark on shark violence in Seoul aquarium

Its a shark eat shark world at this aquarium in Seoul after one of the massive predators ate a tank mate.

Aquarium officials say it was likely a turf war that prompted the female sand tiger shark to consume an entire male banded houndshark.

The eight-year-old female swallowed the 5-year-old meal over the course of 21 hours, slowly ingesting the fish until only his tail was visible.

Aquarium officials say the female might have reacted after being startled.

Sharks have their own territories, this aquarium official said. Sometimes when they bump into each other, they bite out of astonishment.

The female will retain the male shark for the next few days, the aquarium said, after which she will regurgitate the creature because ultimately, she’s not able to digest him.

There are about 42 sharks, 20 sting rays and two turtles living together in the tank…the rest of whom appear all present and correct.

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