Single act plays have no resonance in multilateralism: Indian Ambassador to UN

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New York (USA), Sep 24 (ANI): Indian ambassador to United Nations S Akbaruddin said that single act plays by countries have no resonance in multilateralism. Speaking on the Kashmir issue at United Nations General Assembly, he said, “Our contention is that UN works best on multilateralism and multilateral platforms work best when you work in partnerships. Single act plays have no resonance in such matters. Of course anybody can try and be a solo player. However, solo players in a multilateral context have neither the past nor a future. It’s their call how they spend that time allocated to them. We as India work in partnerships. We’ve a great resonance in terms of our position. If somebody else would like to be a one trick pony, it is for them to regurgitate and act. We’ve handled this act many times in the past and our confident we’ll do so again.”

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