Sled dogs get set for big race

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A Minnesota family readies their huskies for the upcoming John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon, their biggest race of the year. Vanessa Johnston reports.

Sled dogs get set for big race

They’ve been training all year-long.

Now these huskies will be put to the test at the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon in Two Harbors, Minnesota.

Colleen Wallin says she’s confident her team is ready.


“I know everything about them. I know their attitudes. They all have personalities. And they’re all smarter than all of us put together here.”

She says keeping the dogs fattened up is key, since they burn a lot of calories living in the cold and sprinting on the trail.

Their diet? Herring, ground mink, ground beaver, and bear fat — Wallin’s sons help with the hunting.

Having already clocked some 100 miles this week…

These dogs will take on their biggest race of the year on Sunday.

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