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Sony showcases VR for the masses in Tokyo | Webmarked News

Sony showcases VR for the masses in Tokyo

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Gamers have been talking about VR for years, but in 2016, there’s a difference. At the Tokyo Games Show, they’re now within spitting distance of taking mass-market headsets and games back to their living rooms… or their parents’ basements. Graham Mackay reports.

Sony showcases VR for the masses in Tokyo

The next frontier in gaming – reaching the masses in 2016

That’s the buzz at this year’s Tokyo Games Show.

where Virtual Reality is front and centre.

Many insiders say this is what can revive an industry that’s fallen behind in the smartphone era.


“The most interesting demos have been where I felt displaced from the really loud tradeshow floor. I’m in this game, I’m in space, I’m in this haunted hospital. Whatever, it is it just puts you there in a far more realistic way than just playing toward a TV.”

Gamers have been talking about virtual reality for years…

So what’s the game changer in 2016?

Senior Tokyo correspondent Tim Kelly explains.


“What the difference is now is we’re starting to see VR games coming out with the actual headsets themselves. As we’re here in the Sony booth we can see people playing actual games uh on the VR So this is something that you can plug into your PlayStation, so this is a new development is that now we have the games to go with the equipment.”

Sony is leading the way in VR for the masses –

Hitting the market next month with a mid-range product that’s cheeper than the original big names like HTC and Occulus.

It’s already promised more than 50 virtual reality games in October.

And execs say the future of the VR experience won’t be confined to the living room.


“They see VR going beyond the game market into possibly TV, immersive experiences in television, cinema, events, in museums. They’re not looking at the lower end of the market, they’re not looking at the smartphone market as yet, because they don’t see the technology there.”

Sony may not be looking at mobile VR just yet…

but there are already more than 100 headsets available for the smartphone market…

And Google’s about to add one more…

Bringing out its Daydream virtual reality platform for Android later this year.

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